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4 Unique Self Care Tips That Will Rock. Your. World.

With the abundance of new products and practices flooding the wellness market, it can be tricky to determine what really works from what may just be a passing trend. Below, find some game-changing, outside-the-box wellness hacks for your body and your mind.

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5 Tips for Quitting Coffee and Never Looking Back

Want freedom from the bean? Look no further. We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to unshackling yourself from the ten-ton boulder of coffee dependence, and transitioning to a friendlier, smoother, and more productive energy source.


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Matcha, Guayusa & Ginger: The Dream Team in Our New Energy Multiplier

Listen up, LIV fam: it’s time to evolve the way we refuel. Coffee overload has become the fast-track to burnout, and too many people are running themselves ragged trying to get more done in less time. At LIV HQ, we’re all about wellness, and we know that truly making progress means finding an alternative energy source that feels good to your body.

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