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The Unexpected Benefits of Napping

Remember naptime? That dreamy, blissful hour of the day in nursery school when the teacher would turn out the lights, tuck you into your sleeping bag, and play soft piano music to soothe you to sleep? Turns out, napping isn’t just for kids.


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What Does it Take to Change the World? An Interview with Dr. Milan Maharjan of Ear Care Nepal

Dr. Maharjan is the founder and chairperson of Ear Care Nepal, a volunteer organization that provides free ear surgeries to schoolchildren across Nepal--surgeries that prevent deafness and, in some cases, death.
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CTW Round

A year ago, we sat down and wrote out a list of our dream partners- people who were Changing The World in an extraordinary way, and who we knew we wanted on the Liquid I.V. team. A month ago, we made that Dream Team a reality.
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