Ben Rueck

Professional Rock Climber

Professional rock climber Ben Rueck was born in 1986 in Western Colorado. Growing up in a rural countryside setting, he didn’t even realize rock climbing existed—even though he had a love for outdoor adventuring in the area’s amazing plateaus and deserts. All that changed when his brother introduced him to rock climbing at age 17.

At first Ben stuck with bouldering—Grand Junction, Colorado, has some great boulders to explore. He climbed boulders graded as high as V12, but he began to feel stagnant. He met Rob Pizem (aka Piz) and Mayan Smith-Gobat, who became his close friends and training partners. Piz and Mayan are both prolific roped climbers who focus on big walls and traditional climbing, so Ben’s focus soon shifted to ropes as well. They taught him the finer points of this style of climbing, and he went on to climb traditional, sport and big wall.

While he is still based in Colorado, Ben travels the world pursuing his climbing passion. “When your comfort zone is expanded and challenged, you become more curious, more adventurous, more dynamic—a better climber,” Ben says.

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How did you discover Liquid I.V.?
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Other than training, how do you incorporate Liquid I.V. into your daily routine?
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How does Liquid I.V. differ from other hydration products you’ve tried?
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What do you love about Liquid I.V.?
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