Gregory Couet
Fitness Instructor

Greg Couet is a fitness instructor at Krav Maga Unyted gym in Los Angeles and at SpeedX Brentwood, where he leads high-intensity interval training group sessions. He is also a powerlifting coach at LIFT Society fitness center in LA. Greg is CrossFit-certified and is working to become certified as a personal trainer.

Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Greg grew up playing sports and taking judo lessons. He majored in business administration, economics and finance in college and then trained in kickboxing and boxing in Boston with a World Combat League pro for several years before moving to LA, where he currently resides.

Greg recently participated in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu six-week challenge. He has volunteered his time for several nonprofit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity.

"Liquid I.V. has helped increase my clarity of mind and stamina."

Other than training, how do you incorporate Liquid I.V. into your daily routine?
I incorporate Liquid I.V. into my daily routine by making smoothies. Nothing beats an ice-cold Liquid I.V. smoothie on a hot summer day in SoCal (blueberries, yogurt, Liquid I.V., 5 ice cubes, 10 ounces of water). Thank God for Liquid I.V. and my NutriBullet.

How has Liquid I.V. changed your training regimen?
Liquid I.V. has helped change my training regimen in certain aspects. The most important is clarity of mind and stamina. Sometimes my days start at 5 a.m., and I won’t get home until midnight. Having a couple packets on me does absolute wonders when I’m moving from training session to training session.

What do you love about Liquid I.V.?
I love the Liquid I.V. team. I have never met more dedicated individuals seeking to disrupt the hydration market with a product that works.

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