Jake Sarnoff
Professional Golfer

Golfer Jake Sarnoff has played golf most of his life, including at Loyola Marymount University where he played on the golf team along with Brandin Cohen, cofounder of Liquid I.V. Jake grew up in southern California and started playing golf at the age of 5.

He has played on many different tours—including the Canadian Tour, the Latin American Tour and the Asian Tour—and is a member of the Web.com Tour. Playing on the PGA Tour is his goal.

Jake never travels without Liquid I.V. He uses it on the golf course, and on hot days he often uses two packets in one round. “Staying hydrated and focused is a key ingredient for playing good golf,” he says, “and Liquid I.V. helps me accomplish that.”

"Liquid I.V. has helped with my mental focus and endurance on the course."

How did you discover Liquid I.V.?
I discovered Liquid I.V. from my friend and teammate Brandin Cohen. He explained to me what the product does for your body and how it hydrates you faster than water—and I was sold.

What do you love about Liquid I.V.?
The thing I love most about Liquid I.V. is the taste, obviously, but also that it helps with jet lag. Being a professional golfer, I am flying to my next event the majority of the time. All I need to do is use a few packets of Liquid I.V. before and during the flight and I feel great.

How has Liquid I.V. changed your training regimen?
Liquid I.V. has changed my training regimen because it has helped with my mental focus and endurance on the course. Playing in many hot weather climates, dehydration can take over very easily. It’s critical to stay hydrated throughout the entire day in order to perform to my best ability.

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