Jean-Paul Le-Bosnoyani

MMA Champion

Fighting to the Top

Jean-Paul Le-Bosnoyani is an up and coming MMA fighter. From the young age of 3 years old, Jean-Paul has been devoted to achieving one goal – becoming the youngest UFC World Champion in history.

While growing up in Hermosa Beach, California, Jean-Paul began training at this father’s local gym in addition to attending the famous Gracie Academy. MMA fighting quickly evolved into a passion and way of life. For the past 15 years, Jean-Paul has endured intense training, grueling weigh-ins, and demanding competition schedules. However, his hard work has rewarded him with top rankings and impressive titles.

At the age of 18, Jean-Paul held the title of #1 JiuJitsu fighter in the world, and was the youngest person to compete at a Black Belt level against some of the top competitors in the world. With a rigid schedule and strenuous training regimen, Jean-Paul continues to push towards his ultimate goal of becoming a UFC Champion.

"What I enjoy the
most about Liquid I.V.
is its ability to rejuvenate
my body after hard training
while I'm preparing for
the next fight."

Q: How has Liquid I.V. changed your training regimen?

Liquid I.V. has fueled me to train harder and longer before feeling depleted during my sparring workouts. Having more than 5.5 hours of practice a day, ranging from weight lifting to wrestling to mixed martial arts (MMA), I usually become very dehydrated and tired. Liquid I.V. keeps me ready to perform all day.

Q: How did you get into fighting?

I was introduced into martial arts by my father and God father, Royce Gracie. I got into MMA and JiuJitsu before I could walk or even talk. My father owns a martial arts academy in Hermosa Beach, CA and I have been training there practically my whole life. Some of the techniques I use while fighting were learned when I was just 3 years old.

Q: What inspires you every day?

What inspires me to improve my craft every day is my ultimate goal of making history and becoming the youngest UFC Champion. I am also driven to train by the love and passion for the sport and the lifestyle that comes with it.

Q: What type of fighting do you prefer?

I am ranked #1 in the world in JiuJitsu and ranked as Top 5 in the state of California for wrestling. Overall, I prefer the combination of all mixed martial arts, MMA. I love using my knowledge in many different martial arts and combining them all together as one ultimate weapon to either knockout my opponent or submit him.

Q: What do you like about Liquid I.V.?

What I enjoy the most about Liquid I.V. is its ability to rejuvenate my body after hard training while I’m preparing for the next fight. When practicing more than 4 times a day, it is hard to stay motivated, especially when you are depleted of the nutrients your body uses as fuel. Liquid I.V. helps me stay ready and determined to have successful trainings throughout the day.

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