Sally McRae

Ultrarunner, Mom, Coach

Sally McRae is an elite professional trail runner, writer, podcaster and speaker. She owns a coaching business for runners and maintains her own rigorous training schedule … when she’s not helping her two young children with their homework.

Sally grew up in Costa Mesa, California, and ran her first race when she was 7 years old. She joined her high school track and field team as a sprinter, was a gymnast with dreams of going to the Olympics and played soccer for Biola University. She took up long-distance running partly as a way to enjoy sightseeing when she traveled. She ran a few marathons – her first was the LA Marathon — before discovering trail running. Sally has finished strong in many super-competitive races around the country and the world, and she continues to compete in this sport that she loves.

In 2014 she signed on to be a member of the Nike Trail Team. She ran the Western States — a prestigious 100-mile trail race — and finished in the Top 10, a feat that has been documented in the film Western Time. In 2015, she again placed in the Top 10, this time moving up three slots.

Sally currently lives in Huntington Beach with her husband and kids. She balances training — often in the nearby mountains — with her kids’ busy schedules of school, social events and sports. Her children often run with her and they compete together in local races, but Sally doesn’t push the sport on them. They run simply to have fun.

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