“Liquid I.V. works for me and the other 50 pro baseball players that are drinking it. I hydrate with it before and after games, especially on long travel days to help my body recover. Liquid I.V. gives me a huge edge on my competition.”

- Ryan Wheeler, Pro Baseball Player

“I travel over 150 days a year around the world for business and jet lag is a constant struggle. Being sharp for meetings no matter where I am is vital. Liquid I.V. is the only product I’ve found that greatly reduces jet lag and other symptoms of dehydration that come from flying. I won’t travel without it!”

- Andy Cohen, CEO, Gensler Architects

“In the Corps, 3AM drills become second nature. When I’m exhausted from a 4 mile run, Liquid I.V. has exactly what I need to get back on top. Liquid I.V. Oooo Raah”

- Brian Johnson, United States Marine Corps

“I recommend Liquid I.V. to all of my patients who suffer from dehydration and are looking for an alternative to all of the sugar filled sports drinks. Liquid I.V. contains 3x the electrolytes and less than 1⁄2 the sugar and calories of Gatorade. My pro athletes absolutely love it for recovery.”

- Dr. Dave Jensen, D.C., D.A.C.B.S.P

“I have had trouble staying hydrated recently due to the nature of my cancer and chemotherapy. After my treatment I was a regular at the hospital twice a week for an IV because of dehydration. I started using Liquid I.V. throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep my energy up. Since drinking it I have not been back to the hospital. I recently got married to my beautiful wife, and I couldn’t have made it through the wedding without Liquid I.V.”

- Gordon, two time cancer survivor