Let’s Get Physical

Whether your physical fitness goals are focused on strength or endurance, the importance of staying regularly hydrated cannot be ignored. Hydration is something that isn’t just good for your body, it is absolutely necessary. The mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits that can come from hydration are immediately apparent, but the physical benefits are paramount for most. Let’s get physical, and explore the body benefits that consistent hydration can bring.

Hydration Improves Physical Performance of All Kinds

No matter what sort of physical activity you may be engaging in, staying hydrated is something that will improve performance.

  • Hydration improves exercise performance. If your body loses even 2% of its weight as a result of dehydration, your ability to perform will drastically decrease.

  • Being hydrated can also help you burn more calories.

  • Hydration can help minimize the effects of aging (especially with regards to your skin).

  • Hydration is necessary for all organ systems in the body (digestive, circulatory, etc.)

  • Being hydrated increases your mental clarity and also helps with hand-eye coordination.

While it seems you have everything to lose by not staying hydrated, you also have everything to gain by actively choosing to do so. With advancements in health sciences and infrastructure, maintaining a consistent level of hydration is generally more possible than ever before.

Hydration is Something That Should be Incorporated Into Your Daily Routine

Despite the fact that all people require a consistent state of hydration in order to be healthy, very few people take it upon themselves to actually make sure they are doing so. Though staying hydrated is something that is certainly within reach, you are going to need to do more than simply rely on thirst signals from your body. To reap the physical benefits of hydration, you will need to make a conscious effort to do so before your body feels thirsty.

In order to stay in shape, many people design a daily fitness routine, but taking care of your body isn’t something you should limit to the hour or so you spend at the gym. Being healthy requires a 24 hour commitment. Hydration is something that you should strive to make as routine and automatic as anything else. Begin by targeting specific times during the day that you will automatically drink a glass of water with added Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier (Lemon Lime or Açaí Berry flavor).

Your physical fitness routine shouldn’t just focus on a single component of your body. It should be more balanced and focus on many components of your body at once. Only when you can make healthy living a lifestyle—and not just an occasional activity—will you be able to realize the best results possible.