Where There’s a Wheel, There’s a Way

By Ryan Wheeler, Major League Baseball Player


Hello everyone! What a week it has been. I feel healthy and have become acclimated to my new team and the Angels organization. Weight training and on-field training are going as planned, and I even put a couple balls over the fence yesterday in batting practice (Yeah, I’ve still got it).


Thanks to my agency, I was able to track down some tickets to both the Phoenix Open and THE SUPER BOWL! I was, unfortunately, battling a cold that weekend, and the two football teams didn’t help by bringing their cold, rainy weather to the desert. Some of you may not have thought to try this, but Liquid I.V. can also be drank as if it were a hot tea. I boiled some water, added a packet of Liquid I.V. to it, and voila! Sometimes you don’t need your hydration to be refreshing and instead need it to be comforting.

View of Super Bowl XLIX from my seats


The cold may have kept me from the Phoenix Open, but I was not going to let anything keep me from attending the Super Bowl with my future father-in-law. Oh man, I am so glad I was able to shake it! That was such an exciting game. My future father-in-law is from Seattle, so you can guess which team we were cheering for and how speechless we were with the last 25 seconds of the game. Regardless, the atmosphere was incredible, the halftime show was interactive, and the experience will never be forgotten.

Halftime Show


New England Patriots celebrate their victory over the Seattle Seahawks

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